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The club will be expanding in 2014 with a state of the art Aerobics Center. Yoga, Ride & Glide, Core & Glute, TRX, Cycling, Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit training, Bootcamps and so much more! 
Unlimited Classes classes and gym access for only $99.00 a month!



Fitness Center and Health Club in Littleton, Colorado

Level 7 Fitness of Littleton, Colorado, is a health club that is a step above its competition, offering 24/7 convenient access to its fitness center, as well as personal training and fitness analysis. With more than 10 years of experience working within the world of personal fitness, our fitness center and personal training services go beyond the traditional gym, weaving and providing a perfect balance for each and every member.

We know not everyone is able to commit to an exact schedule and that motivation for everyone is different, and that is why our fitness center model and design is different. We provide a comfortable atmosphere that provides you with energy and allows you a positive experience every time you come to work out.

Fitness Services

  • 24/7 Access
  • Nutritional Services

  • Fitness Analysis
  • Heath Club Membership

  • Personal Training
  • Balanced Training Facilities

We are committed to providing a positive exercise experience that is a motivational tool in and of itself. With expert guidance and top of the line facilities, we can help you find the peace of mind and the physical fitness you are looking for. Open to men and women, our facilities are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fail.


About Us

Level 7 Fitness is by far the most innovative health club in the area because it is designed around you… your busy schedule, your late hours, your early mornings. Our privately and locally owned club is open 24/7, serves only adult men and women, seeks to create an inviting, non-intimidating environment with outstanding amenities, and stellar customer service. We provide guidance and education that will allow you to become stronger physically and mentally. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that will make you WANT to come to the gym!

Our Mission
Level 7 is committed to providing a positive exercise experience that becomes motivating in it’s own right. We want to provide an atmosphere that makes going to the gym a positive experience! We want your experience at Level 7 to leave you revitalized, relaxed, and feeling great about yourself.


We are different!
As a member of Level 7 Fitness, you will have access to your health club 24/7. No fine print. No surprises. Just instant access when you need it, thanks to our unique member check-in process – a secure, automated system that enables you to come and go as you see fit, anytime day or night. It’s like having your own private club!


Our Facilities

Here in one convenient location, you will find an interior design that provides a “welcome” change from what many people experience at health clubs. You will also find the right combination of cardiovascular equipment, free weights, machine weights, and amenities that will make you WANT to come to the gym! The locker room and shower area provides all the comforts of home. We also have a juice bar, retail center, nutritional supplements, and healthy snacks for your purchase.

Leg Press, Free Weights


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